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Thursday, November 30, 2006

still quite pissed from last night

oops. didn't get home till round 4 this morning. then i tried to post. luckily i was too drunk to type my password properly ;-) opened my inbox this morning to find three different mails about changing passwords... luckily i seem to have ignored them so the password's fine. bit of a shock though ;-)

my brother's sent me a link to the volleyball comics he's done for me. they're so great!!!. wish i could draw like that... :-D only thing is, i sent back this very drunk reply, and he's quite judgemental when it comes to alcohol ;-) ooopsy...
[edit: seems he's not so bad nowadays. was very amused (and a bit alarmed) by the two drunken emails i sent him. also turns out i sent myself one: 'subject: weird; text: sending to myself...' i vaguely remember sniggering to myself while writing that ;-)]

hope i progress to the hung over stage soon, cause i just keep sniggering at everything. completely random sniggering. :-S hope s leaves me alone, there's no way i'll be able to not snigger at him! managed to appear reasonably sober (i think) when i met angus in the kitchen. he says he'll have some data ready for me in 45 minutes. oh no! i'll have to do proper work! yesterday or tomorrow would have been better... [10:40h: angus just sent the data, and i can't remember what i'm meant to do with it. more sniggering. oh dear....]

will post about last night when i'm babysitting tonight. will pretend to work now. byebye

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

finger not broken

quick post before alpha:
i refuse to believe that my finger could be broken, i can play the piano! so there! the polyp is very disappointed and dave is still going on about my arm being amputated...

time to go


Monday, November 27, 2006

why my posts tend to be a little bit long...

i think i know why my posts are so long and rambling: i usually talk a lot. my friends in switzerland are probably quite glad i'm gone, cause it gives them the chance to a) actually listen to lectures (if they feel so inclined) and b) have lunch in peace without me talking at them pretty much constantly. but it leaves me full of all this inconsequential chatter that's got nowhere to go but my blog, cause i can unload some of it onto marion and dave, but it wouldn't be fair to dump it all on them... i usually do try to spread it around a bit ;-) and on the blog anyone can choose to read it or not, so it's not like i'm imposing on anyone...

anyway, i miss my friends :-( here i haven't got anyone i could just randomly phone and say 'you up for going out tonight?'. feeling a bit sorry for myself, sorry. it's just that sitting at work all day hardly chatting at all is really getting me down. ah well, i'm sure i'll get over it. and if not, i'll have my friends back in three months. unless they randomly go off somewhere...

i'm just so used to telling someone the moment something pops into my head. lectures are great that way ;-) i always thought i was quite a solitary person, that i loved being alone. what a shock. the only time i spend in my room now is sleeping and being hung over (which is pretty much the same as sleeping).

just realised: i'd probably be in a much better mood if we didn't have nora jones on. wonder if marion'll mind if i change the cd :-)
[edit: marion felt the same way, but when i got the cd out it turned out it was katie melua(h?)]


Sunday, November 26, 2006

hurray fot volleyball :-D

would like to mention at the satart of this post that i'm not drunk, just trying to type with only one hand cause the other one's currently stuck in a glass of cold water...

we won we won!!! it seems they haven't won a match in ages, so everyone was very chuffed when we won both matches :-D of course i claimed it was cause they didn't have me with them before... ;-) and i got to play the whole time :-D

i got a bit freaked out at the beginning, when i realised that not only was i playing from the start, and playing middle, i was also serving first... i just feel really nervous the first time i play for a new team, worried i'll screw up and never be put in the game ever again... but it went really well. of course i screwed up a couple of times, but we all did. we played quite well most of the time and the atmosphere was great (except in the second set, so of course we lost that one).

the only really annoying thing was that i managed to screw up the middle finger of my right hand in the first set (of seven). of course it had to be the hand i serve and strike with... i dived for the ball, fell far short (see, if i'd got the ball at least it would have been worth it), and tried to bury my finger in the floor... :-( so the rest of the game was agony. to serve i had to tell myself 'i can take any pain' before i could make myself throw the ball up. (i know it's not true, it just helps me take the minor amount of pain necessary. i don't ever want to experiene the pain of labour for instance. although that's mainly cause after the pain you've got kids... eek!) for the second match i taped two fingers together, i was a bit worried it'd screw up my passes (or sets, or whatever they're called), but towards the end of the first game i hadn't been doing them at all anymore, just whacking the ball with both hands together like in beach volleyball. but it was fine, there was barely any difference to having all my fingers free. of course i've never been completely in control of my passes anyway, so that's probably why i couldn't tell any difference ;-)

my serves were ok, some very good ones (not many, but enough to impress) and i only hit two or three out the back, and none hit the back wall, that's a very good tally (for me)

i got swapped round a couple of times between middle and outside, and i managed quite well (ok, in the last set i forgot at one (or two) point(s) that i waqs middle again cause i did play outside in most of the sets, but i didn't screw anything up cause of it luckily). so that's great, i'm learning that, getting practise in both positions. hurray!!!

what a wonderful day :-D

and now we're going to see casino royale. more hurrays!!!! hip hip hurray! hip hip hurray! hip hip hurray!!! :-D


Saturday, November 25, 2006

i'm a moron who couldn't find her way out of a cardboard box...

got lost again. blame the pints. but to start from somewhere closer to the beginning...

we just went to the beaufort last night but it was good fun :-D can't be bothered to recount the whole conversation, not even all the funny bits. was very tempted to get out a notepad and start taking notes just to see how much people would freak out about it. but i'm lazy so i couldn't be bothered...

ended up just serrie, alistair and me. talking to serrie and alistair's fun :-) we had this long (i think it was long) discussion about faith and religion and stuff. i'm far from eloquent at the best of times, but after all those pints (i lost track exactly how many it was), forgetting not just what i was trying to say half way through a sentence but actually forgetting what the whole conversation was about, that is not really the ideal moment to try and explain to people why i believe in jesus... i just hope i didn't say anything really bad to make them more against it. i don't think i did... ;-)

in the end we decided to get a taxi back together. i think the taxi driver was a rubbish moron, cause he couldn't find it. it might have been my fault, but as far as i could tell he couldn't even find westbury (and i couldn't direct anyone to westbury unless it's from the downs or somewhere easy). i think he said he'd found falcondale road at some point and then he stopped and got out a map. at which point i said 'right, i'll find my way from here, it'll be fine'. serrie and alistair tried to stop me (clever people) but i insisted (moron me). i didn't even think to ask which way along the road to westbury...

i thought the place i got out of the taxi looked quite like where church is. for some reason my beer soaked brain seized on that and decided to use it as my stategy for finding home. thank you, i do realise that it was one of my most ridiculous plans ever! so i went left down some street, cause if i had been at church i'd have gone left at that point, and then right, cause if i'd been in westbury... you get the picture. have i mentioned that it was absolutely pouring with rain? and i cleverly thought i'd be home soon, and it wasn't that cold, so i didn't put my hood up... so i was completely drenched and freezing. turns out my new coat is waterproof though. hurray!!! but my jacket's sleeves were longer than the coat's sleeves and they were hanging out so my arms were sodden, too, right up to my elbows... :-(

i wandered for ages and ages. ended up on some road with clubs, where people were getting taxis. very strange, we can't work out where that was :-S there were bus stops, so i had a look to see if there'd be one i could catch. i didn't have a clue what time it was, never occured to me that it might be too late for busses. but cause my brain had latched onto another idea, that i was now on whiteladies road (not a clue why, cause i never saw the downs, so it couldn't have been), i wanted the bus number 1. i couldn't find a timetable for the number 1, and didn't bother even looking at the others. won't take second best ;-) (moron me). carried on for a little bit, but in the end i gave up and decided to take another taxi. there was one just standing there at the side of the road, so i opened the door to get in, but the girls already inside weren't too impressed ;-) oops... in the end i found one just for me though :-) the driver said i had to pay up front. good idea, it took me ages to find my wallet and then i found i'd spent all my money 8-| managed to scrape together the 10 pounds he wanted and we set off. in the opposite direction to where i'd been going of course... so i was freaking a bit, convinced i knew best (well the last taxi driver had been rubbish) and going 'why are you going this way, why are you going this way?'. it took ages to get home, i was somewhere completely wrong (as usual). but this guy did actually find it ;-) hurray!

i got to the door (took a while, cause the taxi just dumped me at the end of the road, yes, i know it's not a long road, i was a bit drunk and very wet and very miserable and rather tired...) and couldn't find my keys. still didn't have a clue what time it was, thought it was probably around ten or eleven or so. but i though the kids would be in bed so i didn't want to ring the door bell. did the usual knocking on the door, knocking on the window of the green room, tried the back door, nothing. still looking for my keys, but i was shivering so much i nearly dropped everything. gave up and got out my phone and found marion had texted me. still didn't look at the time. so i texted her back. but since i could hardly hold the phone, let alone hit the right keys, the text was slightly weird: 'an home now, act'v edu' meant to say can't find my keys, but the can't went wrong and the find seemed to be going wrong, so i gave up and sent it like that. after a while marion came down and let me in. this morning she told me i'd phoned her and my phone agrees. once she said that, i vaguely remembered it.

i'd said i'd text serrie and alistair when i got home. but i haven't got either of their numbers... so i texted stuart to ask him. good thing my phone knows the 'word' serrie, cause i was still shivering, dropped the phone twice in fact. couldn't face trying to spell alistair... 'have you got serrie or cliqucip's number?' but stuart didn't have the numbers either. ah well.

what an adventure... :-D (glad it's over though)

[edit: just realised i never mentioned what time it was when i got home. thought it was ten or eleven o'clock. it was half past one... oops. i wonder what time it was when i got out of the first taxi. will have to ask serrie on monday. and i really didn't have my keys, i'd forgotten to transfer them when i changed my jeans...]

[monday: now i know why i thought it was still quite early: it was only 10.30 when we got the first taxi, so i would have been around 11.30 that i left them... oops, quite a wander then, no wonder i got drenched]

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

green again :-)

somehow i miss the pink though :-( ah well... hurray for my blog, restored to all it's former glory :-D in spite of me being such a useless dolt... for a moment i thought i'd screwed it up and the green was gone forever, but i must have just copy pasted it wrong the first time ;-)

i can't resist putting in a picture of it's pink splendour, just to remind myself. i might want to go back to that. or i might one day wake up and realise that i actually hate pink i'd just forgotten (cause i really did hate it up till a couple of ears ago :-S) and then i'll have a picture to remind myself never to be so stupid again... ;-)

bye-bye pretty pink blog...

hurray for new wine!!!

no, i don't mean actual wine, i don't really like wine and after my run-in with wine in dublin i don't want to learn to like it...

i mean the new wine festival! hurray! marion's just booked it for a whole load of people from church, 33 people and quite a few have already booked separately and some haven't quite made up their minds yet. so it's going to be a huge group! with loads of kids eeek!

it's going to be such fun though! so i'll be back in the uk for a week at least next august :-D good thing we have to pay in advance, since i've got money at the moment, but knowing me i'll be completely broke next year. that reminds me, i should give marion enough money for the flights, just to make sure... ;-)

i would have liked to go to new wine this year but i was busy working myself to death in macdonald's so that my bank account wouldn't be in the red if i did by some strange series of events get a work placement in the uk (as it happened it was a good thing that i spent almost two months working full time and constantly smelling of chips and hamburgers...). plus, i didn't have the money to pay for it ;-)

just remembered: i've worked out what was going wrong with the comments. guess what was to blame... me, of course... what else would it be? i quite like the pink blog though. i just can't be bothered to go to the hassle of customising it so i'm going to try to go back to the old green layout. don't be surprised if it turns pink again at some point though :-D

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

bizarre coincidence...

it's wednesday, so it was volleyball night. i go round to gill's place in henleaze and catch a ride with her. today i decided to walk to her place. i never manage to work out how long i'm going to take to get places so i always get there early. i got to gill's really early (even though i walked really slowly the second half of the way). her car wasn't even there! so i decided to have a little wander round the block.

i was wandering down this random street when i see this guy getting out of a car with two little girls. of course being me i immediately start stressing about what the protocol is in the uk. do i say hi? do i just ignore them completely? (i really wish they weren't there) do i nod... but as i get closer the guy looks kind of familiar. it's t, the IT guy (one of them) from work (his name really is t, or at least everyone calls him that, i'm not just abbreviating it so i can slag him off). it was so weird. he goes 'oh, hello! all right?' and i'm 'yep, you?' and carry on with the little girls going 'who was that daddy?'... so strange. so the rest of the way back to gill's house i was laughing and talking to myself asking myself 'how weird was that?'

i told gill about it, and when i described the street to her (or rather how i got there, didn't get lost btw, am very pleased about that) she asked what his name was. turns out one of his little girls is in the same class as her son :-)

had various other stuff i wanted to write about but i've forgotten now. too tired. had a horrid headache after volleyball (which wasn't much fun today, i'm no worse than them, but they all keep pinching my balls (haha...) as though i was going to screw them up, but then of course they screw them up, cause the ball wasn't good for them and it would have been heading straight for me (if i weren't so tired i'd rant..)). so i had a beer and it went away. till i finished the beer... so i had a second and now it's really gone, hurray for beer. sorry, it's not beer, it's lager, it's the best we've got in the house ;-)

just spent hours correcting a friend's girlfriend's cv cause it's in englisch (they're swiss). pij you owe me! and i owe polyp for helping me with it, i'll have to let him have some fajitas next time i cook... ;-) so far he's been out every time (both times). oh no, the first time was the week before he moved in i think.
i really hate correcting swiss people's english. not that it was bad (for swiss) but it's just dire... (nothing personal, i mean swiss people's english in general...)

my brother's just turned up on msn, so i can't be bothered to write anymore, have been writing this post since about nine thirty (it's eleven thirty now...)


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

bright t-shirt 2

and now dave a has complained about it too. how funny :-D i need to get more tops like this one :-D

hurray, time to go home...

bright t-shirt...

i just passed alistair in the corridor (he's a normal person who doesn't read my blog btw). he started laughing the moment he saw me. apparently my t-shirt's too bright. it's bright pink with glittery writing (it says 'rock nation', a bit random i know). i like it, don't care if it's blinding the poor engineers who are used to just staring at their screens :-D

Monday, November 20, 2006

very productive day... NOT!!! (haha, borat...)

spent all morning and most of the afternoon still trying to find stuff about subthreshold and gate leakage currents in the ever shrinking transistors of today. i'm really bad at transstors, so i also had to read up on them. got my mum to send me my semiconductor device textbook (grandma's on holiday in switzerland, coming back tomorrow). that book is the one i never managed to read, no matter how hard i tried: it put me to sleep every single time. no idea why, i was interested in the subject, i desperately wanted to learn it. the one time i even tried to read it during the lecture (the lecture was rubbish and the lecture notes were worse than rubbish). i fell asleep during the lecture!!! this was in the days before i could sleep anywhere at any time, so it was quite alarming... wait, there was one time i didn't fall alseep over it: i couldn't get to sleep, so i thought i'd be clever and read that till it put me to sleep as usual. but it didn't... :-( how nasty is that?!
but now i'll have to have another go at reading it cause i need to understand it... ah well

around three i gave up and went to pester paul n for something to do (he'd said in the morning he'd sort something out). so he handed me back over to sg (he's actually a nce guy, have i ever mentioned that, just usually a nightmare). but this time since i have absolutely no clue whatsoever i'm quite happy with all his explanations ;-)

so i was supposed to resynthesise the whole chip so i can do the power analysis and the gate level simulation on the correct version. synthesising the whole thng takes 10 hours, so i was going to run it overnight. i started it at four o'clock and at half past the system (or at least a very important part of it) crashed... arghh!!! i've left a command on sleep for five hours, but unless they manage to fix the problem by ten or so, i'm going to be hanging around doing nothing much again tomorrow... :-(

ah well.

i'm making chicken fajitas tonight. yummy yummy. just have to go out and get the ingredients...

tom just asked why it says 'i am not swiss and i don't sound swiss'. my answer: 'cause it's the truth', a bit worried what he'd say about that. to my great relief it was 'you're not swiss... *looks confused*... you're welsh!' hurray!!! tom's not so bad after all ;-)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

relaxing weekend

have had a small go at f1x1ng (sorry, the 'eye' letter's not work1ng today, replac1ng 1t w1th '1's) the green vers1on of the template, but hasn't worked properly so far and 1 couldn't be bothered to spend all weekend f1x1ng 1t. so 1t's st1ll all p1nk... ah well

went to helen's last n1ght. jul1a was there w1th her lot. the k1ds all d1d loads of pa1nt1ng and then d1d a gallery of them. we were each allowed to have one for free, then we had to buy them (the proceeds went to char1ty). 1 kept p1ck1ng ones that emma had done, couldn't seem to help myself. 1n the end 1 found one of beth's 1 l1ked. after 1 thought 1'd done my duty and put my wallet back away (they were 20p each, 1 d1dn't m1nd the money, 1t was what to do w1th them, 1 can't bear to throw them away and 1 can't be bothered to f1nd somewhere for them), beth wh1spered to me 'can you buy one of james' he's try1ng to sell them' (james 1s 6) so 1 had another look. found a random one 1 qu1te l1ked, not a clue whose 1t was. so 1 asked, and 1t turned out to be james'. 1n my usual tactful manner 1 blurted out 'wow, 1 actually l1ke 1t!' ;-) 1n the end 1 completely forgot about them and left them at helen's. 1'd wrapped them up really carfully too, so they ddn't get ru1ned on the way home... ah well, solves the problem of what to do w1th them...

we got 'the lake house' to watch. jul1a alternated between not hav1ng a clue what was go1ng on and mak1ng w1ld guesses at the plot (ok, st1ll no clue about what was go1ng on...). 1t was 1mposs1ble to hear most of the d1alog cause everyone was talk1ng, 1 gave up and jo1ned 1n so helen sa1d accus1ngly at the end 'you were talk1ng as much as anyone else'. well otherw1se 1t would have been a complete n1ghtmare... and anyt1me someone k1ssed jul1a would make these shr1ek1ng 'ooooooooooh' no1ses. very juven1le ;-)

th1s morn1ng the serv1ce was a heal1ng service (oh, look the 's... oh no, 1t's not back...). 1 was a b1t worr1ed about 1t, cause 1t could have been qu1te awful, w1th people br1ng1ng s1ck fr1ends and relat1ves... but t1m (the pastor) 1s really good, people can really connect w1th h1m. and the stuff he's exper1enced 1s ... 1 wanted to say 1ncred1ble, but 1t's not, 1t's m1raculous and wonderful :-D so although 1'm not sure anyone got healed (they m1ght have though), 1t was st1ll a very good serv1ce and 1 do th1nk 1t helped the people who came

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

stupid blog...

it's gone pink, i know... have been trying to fix the problem of the missing comment links, a friend complained (i'm telling myself that's why i haven't been getting any comments...) so the comment link thingy seems to be back, although not for all of the recent posts. will have to have a look when i've had less vodka. hmm, forgot what i wanted to say...

have obviously violated my rule of not blogging while drunk. hope it's not too embarassing, or i'lll delete it tomorrow morning. there was definitely something i still wanted to say about the whole comments and pinkness thing... :-S will fix this, i do like pink but my blog is green!!!

borat is very funny btw. good good. very painful in places though. didn't like the american christians. painfully awful. i was going 'make them stop make them stop' but the film was hilarious. watching green wing now. also good. last episode of season 2 now, i think.

what was it i meant to say??? annoying. how can i remember if i've already forgotten??? stupid beta blogger...

[ooh, look this post has got a commenty link, it's just a rubbish one :-( wil definintely have to fix it tomorrow. where's my drink gone???]

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Friday, November 17, 2006

hurray for borat!!!

just lost my whole post :( now im back to being grumpy! was grumpy because practically no-one came to the pub so no going out tonight. so i got myself a bottle of smirnoff and one of martini to make the evening less boring. but polyp's going to see borat and he's looking for people to come along, so i'm just having the one relatively small glass (it's less than a pint).

there, recovered from the post disappearing (if it does it again i'm downing my vodka-martini).

wore my boots all day today. they really are killer boots: they practically killed my feet! but i managed to make it all the way down the hill to the bus stop (they were killing me by the time i got to the top of the hill...), running to the pub behind stuart, up the hill again with the alcohol... i can take any physical pain ;-) (will complain a lot though)

so cinema! hurray!! i bought crisps (quavers), chocolate (cadbury's of course!!!) and alcohol, but no ice cream :-( but i just realised: there's ice cream at the cinema! :-D so my night's saved. unless borat's crap... then i'll just have to drink more vodka-martini

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

i'm special

i nearly just created myself a new blog. by accident... was already half way there, had filled in most of the details on the form by the time i noticed that i wasn't just signing in to this blog... :-S

hurray, dave's back from romania (i think that's how it's spelt in english [edit: my specialness at work again: of course dave was in moldova, not romania, so i didn't really need to spell romania...]) and so is his laptop ;-) he's been back since tuesday (and i am glad to see him too) and tonight he's out swimming so i've highjacked his laptop to put new music on my ipod (i asked him, there's no way i could have just taken it anyway: it's a mac, i cannot work them at all...)

so i'm now sticking all of my cds on. yeay more music!!! it's incredible how fast you get tired of 200 songs. although i must admit i don't like quite a few of them. i only stuck them on cause they were already on dave's laptop and at the moment i've got pretty much unlimited space :-)

i've promised him to remove all of the music from his library straight away though :-) he was rather horrified when i made him put bon jovi on there for me ;-)

i'm going to wear my boots tomorrow. haven't worn them at all yet and i've had them for two weeks now! hope i don't break my ankle on the way down the hill going to work ;-) written it in my blog to make myself wear them, cause otherwise i'll probably chicken out. that reminds me, i've got to go get my jeans out of the machine and put them on the radiator so i can wear them tomorrow :-D


better :-)

alpha was great last night. felt quite a lot better, the food was scrumptious and i didn't even come close to falling asleep even without the red bull, which i took back in t work this morning. maybe it was just sg...

i really liked the talk, it was on 'how do i pray' or something like that. and the discussion was very good too. alpha's great :-) i hadn't realised it was the last of the official 6 alphas (the church here split it up, so people only sign up for 6 of them to start with and then if they want there are the extra three afterwards). so when they handed out questionaires i declared that they shouldn't be handing them out till the last alpha evening... clever vicky! at being told that it was in fact the last of the first lot i went 'really? is it? is it? is it? is it?...' for ages till i gave up hope that anyone was going to bother to answer the group's moron. sometimes i can be extra specially odd ;-)

i think everyone in our group is planning to come back for the next three and the alpha away day which is the saturday after next. cool. i like our group :-)

i'm too tired to write my usual overly long post about every little thing that happened to me today. it is midnight (precisely according to marion's pc). so i will try to stick to the highlights.

finished documenting my work on the division pipeline. my next job is to analyse the power consumption of tc2.5 :-( i really dislike anything to do with power. i tend to be bad at it. paul n keeps saying (quite gleefully i think) 'it'll be a challenge' and 'you'll learn from this'. mike d told me (tongue in cheek) 'it's easy :-D' to which i just had to answer 'i'm not that gullible!!!'

but they're right, finally a real challenge, something i have to learn new skills for ;-) and so far i'm not working with sg, hurray!! *does a little happy dance*

volleyball was fun but very embarassing. we just played, cause the guys had a match so we didn't have much time, and we needed to practice the positions (probably completely the wrong word...) for the match a week on sunday. i was constantly in the wrong place, cause they do it diffferently from what i'm used to... ah well. i could have played worse ;-)

afterwards the guys won their match 3:0, although after the first set they played quite crappily. luckily for them their oponents played even crappierly (haha, new word).

pub after that, then home, now bed, just after i try to compile a small list of the volleyball vocab i've made them explain to me
  • strike: schla

  • do 3s and 4s (i think): iischla [it's hitting through 4 and it's ussen iischla]

  • 2s (something about 2s): churzi (bim iischla) [hitting through 2, mitti iischla...]

  • take!: hilf (vom passeur)

  • front court: vorne

  • back court: hinne

that's all i can remember right now. the rules are slightly different: you're not allowed to reach under the net even if you don't touch anything/anyone. they don't bother about 'carrying' i think it was (füere in swiss german) [it's lifting]. and cause their refs aren't always very good (according to one player, can't remember her name, there are too many of them) they often don't see the doubles either. i have to take care not to get any bad habits or i'll be in trouble when i get back. i'll definitely suck even more at refereeing no matter what i do now... ah well

now it really is time to turn off the computer! good night!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

not well :-(

urgh, had a horrible day today. felt utterly sick when i got up this morning, so i crawled back in bed for a while trying to work myself up to a decision: either get up and go to work or phone in sick. in the end (about an hour later) i managed to make myself get up and have a go at going to work...

took me ages to get to the bus stop and i couldn't bear the thought of food so i didn't stop at somerfields for sandwiches. managed to get some more sleep on the bus as usual. i'm so glad i've learnt to sleep on the bus, i used to not be able to sleep in any moving vehicle. obviously i have now reached a state of such sleep deprivation that i can sleep anywhere (even at sreeni's desk, but i haven't got that far yet).

once i got too work i was quite useless: managed to write about three lines each time before my brain would give up again and i'd have to start all over trying to work out what i was doing... (clearly should have stayed home) but it got slightly better after a while (my brain got better at staying focussed, the rest of me still felt completely miserable).

when the sandwich vans came round the thought of sandwiches was still making me feel nauseous. the only food i could stomach the thought of was plain bread. which required me getting up and going to the shop, when i felt like i'd collapse walking from my desk to the kitchen...

eventually i managed to summon the energy to go out. weirdly, the moment i put my headphones on i felt much better. i do love music :-D so once again i was hard pressed not to dance down the street. managed to persuade myself that if i did dance, i'd be likely to collapse long before i got to tescos having wasted all my energy on the first hundred yards...

felt so much better when i got back that i had a wotsit sandwich instead of just plain bread. glenn and tino were most amused by it. pawel might have thought it funny but it's hard to tell... you can't get wotsits in switzerland so i haven't been able to have many wotsit sandwiches :-( i'll have to try and make up for that while i'm here.

after lunch i felt loads better (i.e. i no longer felt like curling up in a ball on the floor and waiting to die). got quite a bit of work done. (hurray, i'm finished with the divide instruction, i finished tidying up my code today, it's done!!!)

but around half past three i almost fell asleep. felt well enough to risk having a red bull, but it was completely useless. i was sitting next to sg at his desk while he was going through the code for the coprocessor and as he was talking my eyes kept closing. at first he was looking at the screen, so it wasn't so bad, but then he turned round to explain something to me and i still couldn't keep awake. very embarrassing... (still not a hundred percent sure he noticed though). i think i managed to look like i understood it, but i'll have to go through the code again carefully tomorrow to see what he was on about. took notes :-)

got my last yoghurt and another red bull from the fridge. as i opened the yoghurt it attacked me! why do yoghurts always do that to me?! i don't know anyone else who regularly gets completely covered in yoghurt just because they tried to open one... in the end i couldn't face drinking the second red bull and trying to make my brain reengage for another half hour so i tried to scurry off before sg could catch me again. he did manage to corner me one last time and i thought i'd be able to stay awake better if i didn't sit down. bad miscalculation. that kind of thing can be dangerous... but i got away again before i fell over, so that's all right ;-)

can't face another day like that though. staying in bed if i feel the same tomorrow morning!

i'm not looking forward to alpha now. hope i manage to stay awake. that reminds me: hurray, i brought the rejected red bull home with me. perhaps i should take it to alpha and drink it just before the talk begins. or will that look too bad? hmm...


Monday, November 13, 2006


*%&! %$*@!!! &*£!%! &*%@! &**@£$ &*!%$! #&%@!!!! ******* *bleeeeeeep*

so far i've been very good and haven't ranted about any collegues (well there's just the one i've wanted to rant about really), but this is just too much!!! what have i done to deserve this?! however, since i no longer can be sure about who reads this i have decided to rant in german... (swiss german, i'm hopefully assuming that nobody in infineon understands that...)

huere schiisdräck!!! das chan ja ächt nöd wahr sii! dä typ isch eifach mega schlimm!!! scho mal abgseh devo das ich jetzt de gruch vo curry nüm chan usschtah wil er eifach konschtant (aber vorallem am namittag) derna schmöckt...

und är isch bi wiitem eifach nöd der hellscht. är erchlärt mer eifach jede chliine scheiss (wie zum biischpil 'da benützed mer en multiplexer, dä funktioniert e so'... aber das gaht ja no im vergliich zu 'es and-gate, das funktioniert so') schiinbar haltet er absolut jede für ultra dumm, nöd nur mich, aber es närvt trotzdäm mega!!! und s'bescht dran isch das er sälber mega blöd isch!! är hät ewig bis er au s'eifachschti züg begriift, und wärend är sich dure ackeret erchlärt näbebii no doofs züg :-(

aber jetzt! jetzt! ich han's gschafft d'divisions pipeline schnäll gnueg z'mache, vil schnäller als ich dänkt hett das möglich wär. und jetzt han ich's natürlich no müsse teschte, isch ja klar. nur hät de cleveri cleveri sg (au uf dütsch han ich nöd vor sin name uszschriibe *g*) e besseri idee als das ich eifach e testbench schriibe und s'züg simuliere. neinei! mir hacket eus da öppis zäme, wil das vil schhneller gaht. dunschtig friitig händ mer dän versuecht das gehacke zum laufe z'bringe, was eus gäg de friitig abig schiinbar glunge isch. s'resultat: min code isch nöd korräkt, was mich nöd überrascht hät, ich han ja vorhär überhaupt nüt chöne teschte.

hüt isch är chrank gsi, aber ich han's gschafft de fähler uf ungefähr 10 ziile code zrugg z'verfolge, nämlich zumene block us der synopsys bibliothek, wo komischerwiis immer nur nulle ussegit... ich nimm natürlich a, das ich das ding falsch aghänkt han, das isch warschiinlicher als das d'synopsys bibliothek so en schlimme fähler drin hät... nachdäm ich scho fascht de ganzi tag a däm scheiss umegchnoblet han, mues ich eifach iigseh, das min code richtig isch... gange also öpper go sueche wo mer säge chan was da schief lauft.

alli händ mich agluegt als wär ich irgendwie grad vom mars glandet oder so! 'wie um alles i der wält chunsch dän derzue das so zmache??' han ich mer immer wider müsse alose! das bin doch nöd ich gsi, ich hett ja ganz happy e richtigi testbench gschribe (ok, nöd mega happy, aber ich hetts ohni z'murre gmacht)!!! aber nei, mir müends uf di 'schnälli' art mache... grrr!

und dän hät mich de einti hilfriichi typ (kein sarkasmus) zum experte gschleikt (wider di gliiche entsetzte frage...) und dä seit, 'ja, entweder du hacksch no mal chli meh, und machsch es e so... (tönt guet find ich, zimlich eifach) oder du hacksch es eso und kompiliersch der dini eigeni bibliothek (also irgendwie di ganz synopsys library neu baue..), was e chli übertribe isch, findsch nöd au' ja natürlich find ich!! wil ga und de eifach hack umsetze, da seit er no 's'einzig problem isch das es eso eventuell au nöd funktioniert, wil eigentlich isch nöd dänkt das mer das eso macht wi du das mache willsch' ich will ja nöd, s'isch alles de sg!!! arrrgghhhhh!!! und ich 'great, great...' mit zäebissne zähn... de ander hät müsse lache, ob das dän e neui variante vo 'great' seg...

han's dän gmacht, das züg hät ewig gha bis es dureglofe isch, e halb schtund, für's cve vo so emne chliine ding! aber juhui!!! kei fähler!!! ich bin doch guet!!! ;-) han dän no mal de dae (design application engineer) gfragt, är hät de log agluegt und gseit es gsächi guet us...

und ich han wider mal huere vil ziit chöne dermit verschwände en nöd exischtierende fähler zsueche... &*$%"@*!!! schiisgring ahoi!!!

there, i've had my rant, i feel better ;-) just mustn't think about tomorrow...

ps: sorry mirjam, jetzt schriib ich doch ändlich uf dütsch und defür isch es alles so technischs züg... ;-)

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

another fun friday night

this time i managed not to tell anyone stuff about myself i'd rather not have, inspite of the (for me) quite large quantities of drink. i also managed not to puke on anybody (no puking at all in fact), or fall flat on my face (again, no falling over at all).

somehow i managed to end up being the first person to get to the pub, which i found a bit worrying. but the others easily caught up with me, i've learnt to drink slowly (the first few pints anyway). dave a came round saying pub time in 25 minutes at ten past four. but when i saw him leaving (i can see everyone coming and going, got a good window) i assumed he was going to the pub. so i shut everything down and headed off glad to get away (i love the job, this is not me sucking up for any infineon readers, i do love it! it was just a rather frustrating afternoon yesterday). but i got to the pub and no-one was there yet. of course dave was going home first which was why he'd said 25 minutes in the first place...

once everyone had arrived i was told off for drinking lager. i'd just randomly picked a beer (although they don't count lager as beer) that i hadn't had before (that was how i accidentally ended up with a beer that tasted of apples on the sunday night in dublin (oops, i still haven't finished blogging that). of course it was cider), so i had a kronenbourg. these guys really take their beer seriously. so i then had to have a young's winter warmer, after that a cumberland something or other, and then i wanted something else again, preferably something new, but they said the pub only did the three 'real ales' or whatever they are. so i asked for a butcombe (cause as richard s said, i hadn't had that one yet that day). but i ended up with another cumberland. at least it wasn't a winter warmer, i didn't like that, it tasted of puke (i didn't puke in it!! the first sip already tasted pukey). i don't think i had another beer after that, but suddenly i'm not so sure... was there a fifth one? nah... ?

dave a is having a scalectrix evening (if anyone who hasn't been invited has been given the link to my blog, that's not my fault, there's a limit to what i'll censor just cause serrie likes telling people things...). a couple of weeks ago he was saying about it, saying he was having this evening for 'the guys'. so i thought to myself 'that's not fair, why do the guys always get to have all the fun!'. they were talking about it tonight and i asked who was invited. turns out i'm one of 'the guys', it's not gender specific :-D hurray!!! although they did threaten to take my guy status away if i didn't stop showing off my lovely girly pink and white trainers ;-) good thing i didn't wear my boots...

richard p asked whether anyone wanted to go clubbing later. since i've been here i haven't been clubbing at all (execpt for the sunday night in dublin, i really have to get round to finishing that)., so i was really pleased. no-one else was interested :-( ah well

so i went home to dump my bag. first i got on the wrong bus (the number was blurry), good thing i asked the driver where he was going ;-) oh dear, i'll probably see him again monday morning... and then when the right bus came along i couldn't get the words out properly and it took me ages to get the money. don't remember it clearly, just remember apologising to the driver a lot (it seems i apologise when i'm drunk, it's better than getting belligerent). he's another one i see a lot...

when i got home marion was just finishing cooking dinner for herself and lucy. she made me shovel a rather large plate of curry down (thank goodness for that, it's probably the only reason i didn't fall on my face).

when i got to the fine line i felt a bit underdressed in my jeans and trainers, the others were all in skirts/dresses (not richard and his friend ben of course) and heels. but my trainers are lovely, so that's ok :-) and the bouncer at the door gave me a 2-4-1 thingy, the others were quite jealous, they didn't get one :-D

richard was there with his friend ben from uni, ben's sister amy and four girls from amy's work. can't remember all their names. there was melissa, she was lots of fun, and i think one was called claire? or maybe not... ah well.

after the fine line we went to the lizard lounge (i really am getting better at this, i didn't fall over and i remember the name of both places we went. once again the beaufort doens't count...). it was great fun, lots of dancing. i love dancing!!! so what if i look ridiculous, practically everyone does, the point is to have fun not look good... only thing is, i'm now half deaf.

was actually surprised when the kids managed to make enough noise to wake me at eight this morning. at least it was very muffled though (there are advantages to being partially deaf) and i managed to get straight back to sleep. they woke me again at ten and eleven, but ah well ;-)

i must say, i do love the way i don't get hung over :-) i'm sure i deserved quite a hangover after all that, but i was absolutely fine. marion was quite surprised. and i don't think i even told her all the stuff i had. i'd list it but i think my mum's got the link ;-) (and it'd probably seem like nothing to a lot of you anyway)

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trainers for volleyball :-)

hurray, i've got sensible trainers! ok, they're a tiny bit big but only at the front, so my feet don't slip in them. i just need to buy some thick socks to go with them ;-) but clever as i am i think 'need to get some thick sports socks, will get them now as i am actually in the shop' wander over to the till, buy the shoes, walk out and ten minutes down the road i realise that i haven't got the socks... :-(

polyp (got bored of lassie, especially since he started calling me lassie, he's confused. and then we were disussing cancers (bowel cancer) and polyps and paul's surname is ip, so it's appropriate, and it was his idea) suggested i go to jjb in broadmead to get the trainers.

marion, polyp, marion's lot, james (another of my many cousins) and polyp's kids who were here today were going to fly tom's kite on the downs. polyp dropped me in town to go shoe shopping (i am beginning to seem like i do nothing but buy shoes constantly, aren't i) and pointed me in the right direction. but of course it took me ages to find the shop, i must have walked right past it at least once.

found the shoes, they didn't have that many sensible sports shoes (only football boots which aren't really suitable...). there were three pairs that would have done in a pinch, but only the one really suitable pair. i tried the one on display on, cause it happened to be a size 8, but it was slightly big. so i asked for the size 7s but the 8s were the last ones left. i think size 7 would probably have been to small anyway, cause there's just more volume at the front than i'm used to, they're not actually too long or something...

after i'd bought the shoes i wanted to go to borders (the book shop). so off i went, being good, not taking the bus. i'd walked for about half an hour when i started recognising things, so i thought i was getting close to stuart's flat again. well, i was in that area, only what i hadn't realised was that i'd started out in that area ;-) i'd gone in a rather large circle. i was not impressed!

but after that i managed not to go wrong again (probably mostly dumb luck). was quite surprised (and a bit worried) when i came past the marriott hotel on whatsit green (as polyp put it), cause my circle had taken me past a marriott hotel as well. but as it turns out there are two marriotts in bristol (luckily for me, i'd have been really cross if i'd just done an even bigger circle!!!).

problem is, me going into borders is a really bad idea! i did manage to make myself not buy a lot of the books i'd have liked to get. *pats self on back*
only that still left the ten books i did buy... i am such an addict!!! *shakes head sadly*

from borders i wandered on to the next bus stop. originally i'd thought it might be fun to walk all the way home, but not carrying 12 books!!! (12 cause i took one with me, you can't go on a bus without having a book! and the other one i bought before i found jjb for £1.99 in a cheap book shop) the bus took ages to arrive (annoying britsh public transport!) but it did come eventually and now i'm home. my feet are absolutely killing me :-(

i'm babysitting tonight, marion's going to a friend's birthday and dave's still in moldova. so i'm just going to lie in front of a film. hurray for television ;-)

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the things you learn at the pub...

turns out serrie's been handing out the link to my blog to all and sundry. on the monday after the very fun friday night she and paul were a bit hazy on the details of the evening (dia was away that day) so i told stuart to give them the link. now serrie's obviously been passing it round the office.

seriously, do you people have nothing better to do than read my blog? what a boring life you must have ;-)
and it's not just the nights out with people from work that they read (i could understand that, it's like office gossip), dave a has even read the posts i wrote about shopping in cardiff!!! so strange...

to you guys at infineon (why on earth are you reading this?!): those of you who don't go to the pub on friday night are a) missing out on lots of fun gossip and b) wasting the opportunity to counter all the stuff that gets said about you (and less gets said about you if you're actually there)... and you're just generally missing the fun and the beer... :-)
having said that, i guess it's better that some people don't come to the pub, it'd spoil the fun. mainly i guess if fpga came along that would spoil a lot of people's fun ;-) and personally i'd rather jl stayed away... (so don't give them the link!!!)

but the stuff you get told about people who seem to be quite sensible ;-) it's hilarious!!! i'm going to be in trouble on monday, i'm really bad at keeping a straight face...

have to go have lunch, i'll probably post about last night later, although i can't actually remember much interesting stuff happening (no-one fell down drunk) it was just fun

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

hurray volleyball!!!


went to my first training with the bristol volleyball club. was great fun! :-D their overall level is pretty much the same as my team back home as far as i can see. some are slightly better, some not quite as good, so it works out. i've been ordered to come along and play in the next match :-D they like my serves ;-)

but the terminology is beyond me. i do not speak volleyball english :-( everytime the coach told us to do something i'd stand around looking thick till someone explained (with gestures) what he meant.

at one point he said something like 'we're going to do threes and fours' or some such, i actually have no clue... so the others all go get a ball and take up positions. i'm all 'please tell me what to do, i haven't got a clue what we're meant to do' and they're looking at me weirdly. so gill explained it exactly and it turns out it's what we call 'iischlah' which in direct tranlation means striking in or something similar... and i was standing right in the way (at the net on position 4) no wonder they were looking at me strangely

i can really tell i haven't done any sport for two months! my legs are completely done in. the moment we finished they started shaking like mad :-( feels like i've spent a day at the playoffs instead of just an hour and a half in training...

and i desperately need new shoes. phoned up last night just before alpha, and gill said 'are you coming along tonight', but of course there was alpha... so i went along tonight, but i left my trainers in switzerland (they've got holes...). so i rushed out after work tonight to get some shoes at the mall. nobady told me till afterwards that they don't do sensible sports shoes, only trendy trainers :-( i did the best i could (so i've now got another brand new pair of puma trainers, at least these were only 25 pounds). it was awful! they were totally rubbish, i kept falling over and almost popping out of the shoes. they are not suitable for volleyball at all :-( so i do need a pair of proper sport shoes before next wednesday.

turns out i brought the wrong pair of knee pads. i thought it safe to assume that i'd be more likely to put on weight than not here in the uk, since i absolutely love all the unhealthy food such as the crisps, cadburys chocolate (swiss chocolate is boring..), cakes, just everything... so anyway, i brought my big pair of knee pads. they're slightly to big and slip down when i dive (they were quite impressed with all the diving, i kept hitting the ground (mostly not very successfully), unluckily the floor was so filthy i ended up with grit in my mouth...). well, it seems i haven't put on weight, the knee pads don't fit any better and now my knee is rubbed raw :-(

but i'm not buying new knee pads! i've got three pairs already ;-)

woohoo!!! i've so missed volleyball! yeay!!!

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

marion's got the job!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

that brat!!!

marion's gone out to prayer meeting and tom just keeps yelling for her. he was yelling 'muuuuuuuum!!!' over and over about an hour or so ago so i went up and told him he could yell all night cause she'd gone out and whether i could help him. so he said 'never mind' :-)

but now he's started again. and he woke caleb! could have throttled him. good thing caleb didn't throw his dummy very far or tom might just have got a bit of a fright... grrr!

went for a run with marion earlier. seven minutes ;-) ah well, everyone has to start somewhere... at least i didn't collapse wheezing. and next time we'll make it a bit longer. seven minutes thirty seconds is the aim :-D

marion's found someone who knows a volleyball team. the mother of someone in tom or josh's swimming lesson. and this lady is going to find out where and when they train and whether i could go along ;-) hurray!!

had a bit of a failure of a day. nothing worked, my stupid block just kept going slower and slower instead of faster and faster :-( and the area kept getting bigger and bigger...

but at least the weather was absolutely wonderful. it was totally foggy :-D i really love that! no seriously! got out of work at five feeling completely miserable, saw the weather and danced down the road to the bus stop... i'm not kidding, sorry :-) i have enough trouble at the best of times stopping myself from dancing down the street when i'm listening to fun music, but in that weather? not a chance :-D at least i managed to refrain from doing cartwheels this time

lovely lovely weather!!! i really hope it stays like this :-D

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

bonfire night

so bampy and debbie and hannah all drove me back to bristol. dave was rather horrified at the mountain of bags the four of us carted into the house... so was i actually when i brought them downstairs ;-)

played in church this morning. expected it to be a snooze since there only my family and three elderly ladies go to that church (ok, today mim's boyfriend was there too, but that was actually good, cause he knew the songs). what i didn't count on was that although there were only 10 people singing, each of them was singing at a completely different speed to all the rest and with a totally different timing to the way it was written...

so it was a bit of a mare. i was trying to speed up then slow down again to somehow be more or less in time with the whole sound (so somewhere in between them all). got to the third or fourth song which sounds a lot like a hymn, so i thought this'll be fine, you can't go wrong with hymns. yeah, right! same thing, they spoilt that one too :( the last one i said to tom he had to sing loudly, cause there was no way i was slowing that on down to suit them, it just wouldn't have worked. it was 'blessed be your name', a really fun one to play, debbie called it a headbanger ;-) so i just went right through, and it was more or less ok. the old ladies and bampy didn't know it anyway...

got back to marion's just in time to join in the cleaning frenzy before the bonfire and hotdogs thing. managed to unload the dishwasher twice in the 3 hours i'd been here ;-) but the second time lucy (from church) was helping. the bonfire party was fun, the fireworks were good.

yesterday they were letting off fireworks across the road from debbie's house. (did i ever mention that i took thursday and friday off and went down to cardiff to visit my aunt debbie and the rest of my dad's family? well that's what i did anyway) debbie's really scared of fireworks. she thought it would be a good idea for us to run upstairs cause we'd have a better view from the window there (very sweet, she'd rather have hidden under the covers). but when we got up there in the dark room, a firework went off really loudly and unexpectedly and she jumped and her arm shot out and i got punched...

dave's loading his new cds onto his computer (it was his birthday on friday). while he's at it he's loading them straight onto my lovely little ipod :-D not going to run out of music tomorrow :-D

wonder which shoes i should wear to work tomorrow. so far i haven't had this problem, cause i only had the one pair (except for the size 7 heels which rub my feet bloody and the size 9 sandals which are wrong for this time of year anyway even if they weren't so much too big that i can't walk in them...). but now i've got four pairs of shoes/footwear that actually fit. the original trainers are covered in mud from our last wander, must have been tuesday, we wandered through some fields and along some very muddy paths, although stuart somehow managed to completely avoid sinking ankle deep into the mud. not fair! so i'd rather not wear them to work, should clean them. but they're falling apart anyway.

or i've got my lovely new white and pink trainers. but if i wear them i absolutely have to take either the old trainers or the walking shoes as well in case we go for another wander, cause there's no way i'm risking my lovely new shoes (can you tell i really like them?) even seeing mud from afar... same thing with the boots, except there's also the fact that i can't really face walking down the hill to the bus stop in two-and-a-half-inch heels...

so maybe i should just wear the walking shoes from the beginning, saves carting extra shoes with me which is probably a very weird thing to suggest anyway. but i did so want to wear my new shoes. i've gone absolutely mad (yes indeed, madder than i was before, i know it's hard to imagine, but that's the way it is) in church today i took my shoes off, cause i always put one foot under the other, my piano teacher tought me that my foot (the one that does the pedal stuff) has to be higher off the ground, he always put a big folder on the ground, but i can't be bothered i just stick the other foot underneath. so i didn't want to spoil my new shoes by sticking them on top of each other and kept taking them off and putting them back on when i went to sit back down. usually i'd get bored with it and decide not to bother anymore after the second time. it's a measure of how badly i've lost my mind that i did it every time i sat back down at the piano... ah well.

can't seem to work out how to link them so that my flickr pictures appear in this blog. i know, i'm an idiot. can't delete unwanted comments either which is why i moderate all comments, sorry. any other stupid stuff i can think of? nothing springs to mind straight away, but i'm sure there's loads... anyway, i've got some pics on flickr that i want to stick in the blog, but until/unless i can work out how, that's not going to happen because i have suddenly become to lazy to upload pictures to blogger (since i realised that it's a lot (really loads!) faster to upload them to flickr. of course they're in a really random order on flickr cause again i'm to thick to be able to organise them, but that's just tough! :-p

back to work tomorrow. yeay, fun!! i'm serious, i love it. only bad thing (more or less, not going into the whole 'the guy who's supervising me at the moment thinks everyone (including neil who is definitely ultra-clever (except that he thinks i'm bright (sorry for all the nested brackets))) is a comlete moron and explains absolutely everything to them (such as 1x1=1...) even though it's actually him who's...') anyway, the only bad thing is the weekly meeting which i'm not a big fan of, cause i have to explain what i've done the week before, so that involves a bit of stuttering and me not actually saying anything sensible at all... although last week's meeting was ok. but can't remember whether i actually did anything last week, it was such a long time ago. and such a short week...

dave's just got out another of his birthday pressies: first season of bones (based on the temperance brennan books by kathy reichs). so we're off to watch some gruesome tv hurray!!!

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Friday, November 03, 2006

shopping like mad

oh noooooooo! i shouldn't go shopping with debbie, it's crazy!!! last time (when i was over last summer) i spent 200 pounds in a day and i bought my first skirt in years and years.

this year it was even worse. i spent even more!!! i got a pair of really nice trainers. they're white with pink stripes :-) and i got wonderful super-duper lovely killer boots! ooh, they're so great!!! and i got shoes for walking in ;-) obviously i went completly mad...

and i got another skirt (for the christmas do at work, hope i won't be overdressed).

i've got an ipod! a nano with 8 gig. hurray!!! i've got 8 gig's worth of memory for my music!!! yeay!!!

oh yes, i got my hair cut today. what s shock. i guess i'm getting used to it. i really hate going to the hair dressers. always hate it to begin with though. i should be used to it by monday. the question is, will i be able to get it to look ok by myself. the guy used straighteners on it... hmm, maybe i need straighteners... oh no! stop me now!!! i'm just so awful.

luckily nanny and bampy are insisting someone will drive me back to bristol, cause the amount of luggage i've got with all this shopping, the train and the bus would be a nightmare...

hurray, lie-in tomorrow! i'm knackered from two days of shopping. i never want to go in another shop again!! but i still need a belt, a bag, a necklace and some earrings to go with the skirt and top for christmas... oh dear...


Thursday, November 02, 2006

my hair's been straightened!!!

eek, it looks like some other person's head on top of my body! except the eyebrows, they're definitely mine. like slugs... absolutely have to do something about them next!!! going to the hairdresser's on friday. wonder what that'll turn out like...

man, this hair is soo weird! freaking me out a bit. but i like it. need straighteners ;-) more shopping...
have got pictures but can't get them off my camera yet. ah well.

bed time now, tomorrow we're shopping till we drop so i need my rest :-)