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Saturday, August 18, 2007

cadbury's? cadbury's!!! :-))

hurray!!! the petrol garage across the road from us has started stocking cadbury's!!! switzerland is making progress!!! :-D Ok, so they've only got flakes so far, but that's a great start :-D

good way to end a very stressful day at the end of a rather stressful week :-) got home from three . weeks holiday in the uk on sunday. wasn't able to unpack, cause we had a missionary family of seven coming to stay with us so ellie and i had to give up our rooms. after three weeks of living out of a suitcase i was looking forward to finally being able to sleep in my own bed and have my clothes in a wardrobe, like the civilised person i sometimes pretend to be. it wasn't that i'd forgotten they were coming, i think the thought just stressed me so much that i supressed it. so actually having to dump all my stuff in the office and sleep on a saggy old mattress (and having dad wander through any time he needed to get to the garage) nearly gave me a nervous breakdown...

all day monday i didn't even have any 'bed' i could retreat to to read and destress cause the matress hadn't been got out of the 'little room' (that's what we call the room that just has anything that doesn't have it's own place in the house proper (other than somewhere in the little room...) and isn't in the garage or the attic) turns out, one of the key things my sanity rests on is having a bed of my own that is available to me at all times if i should need it. so monday was a really bad day...

and another thing adding to my stress level was the fact that i was supposed to be studying hard for my exams. problem is, i can only study at home in my room, the kitchen or on the balcony, but they were all full of other people (mainly five children ranging from 4 (3?) to 12 years old). so the house was out. but at uni i can only study if friends of mine are there studying to, so we can ask each other questions. with no-one making me concentrate, the noise level is just too much for me... so guess what: i haven't studied at all! and i've got five important exams coming up. yay...

so that was the stressful week. then today i had to work 8 hours in mac donald's. for ages now (since they opened a new mac donald's just down the road from ours about a year ago in fact) we've been really short of customers, so they've been cutting back on the number of staff we have in at any time. but today, of course, everybody in zurich seemed to have decided to visit that mac donald's. so we were all run off our feet. three hours after i started i got the first chance to grab a quick gulp of water, just in time or my voice would have failed completely, i was already croaking by then... my legs are killing me now.

but anyway: cadbury's in the petrol garage!!! miracle of miracles!!! :-D

ps: this bit is in case my mum happens to read this post (unlikely, but stranger things have happened):
- don't worry i'm not blaming you, i know they were meant to come ages ago when i wouldn't have got so stressed about it. (that point wasn't one of the things i was planning to write, but it if she does read this post it needs to have been said (and it is the truth, i'm not just saying it to make you (her? confused myself now) feel better)
- if you read this before i pass my exams: don't worry, i've passed everything else so far, and i didn't do any more work the other times. in fact, i played so much minesweeper when i was supposed to be studying for my second year exams (killer exams, they try to weed people like me out after the first and second years! ha, they failed!!! muahahaha...) that i got my highscore down to 92 seconds ;-) no kidding. currently i can hardly get it below 2 minutes, although last night i did manage it in 103 seconds :)
- don't worry, i wrote this post in an editor before i went online (we've got dialup...)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

basic instructions

pinched this link off scott adams' blog. check out the logo in the top right (i think it's right anyway) corner. dontcha just love it?! :D



Friday, August 03, 2007

me in the simpsons

i've got my own simpsons character :)

catching up on this weeks happenings

well, i survived grandma and mum, mainly due to the fact that i managed to stuff all the stuff i bought into my bag and make it look like i hadn't bought anything ;-)

my parents got back from their bike tour on monday. mum's got this bizarre looking tan cause she was cycling in shorts for a week, she's tanned brown to half way up her thighs, the rest is white. looks great in a bikini ;-)

on tuesday we went to the beach on barry island with dad's parents and hannah. was interesting.

[2.10.07: the holidays were a while ago, so i can't really remember what else happened that week... ah well, i'll publish it anyway]