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Saturday, September 30, 2006

the title of my blog

I get a lot of stick for my accent, which I will admit is a little weird. It's a mixture of a lot of different British people's accents plus some added weirdness from watching too many American films... So most people can't place it (although some people claim to hear some Welshness, which pleases me no end, I am Welsh!). The problem is that I grew up in Switzerland, so everyone seizes on that to explain my accent (it is the reason for it, but my accent is NOT SWISS!!!), however I do not sound anything like a Swiss person when I'm speaking English (I do when I'm speaking German), and it's very insulting to be told I've got a Swiss accent because honestly, most Swiss people absolutely massacre English! They're worse than Americans :-)

So anyway, I DO NOT SOUND SWISS UNLESS I AM TALKING GERMAN!!!! [or French (but that's ok, French with an English accent is horrible) and possibly Spanish]
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