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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

useless at shopping

why can i never get the things i went to buy when i go shopping? last week i went shopping. i desperately needed socks. really desperately: i was down to my last two pairs that i didn't dare put in the washing for fear the sock monster would get them too. so, anyway, the main aim was to get socks. i was also hoping to find some jeans, and maybe a top or two. i got home with some underwear (that was also on the list, just quite a bit further down) and four books (definitely not on the list!)... no socks!!! How can you fail at buying socks?!

so i went shopping again... the plan was, not to go home without socks no matter what! apart from socks the main aim were trousers, cause i'm really short of them, too. i didn't bring loads of clothes from switzerland with me cause i wanted to go shopping here, it's cheaper and there's more choice. i did manage to get socks that time (or i'd still be at the mall). i also found one top i can wear to work, and one top i'll probably wear at new year and never again... and two cds... and a jacket (i'm pleased with that, actually)... but no trousers. failed again.

it's my sister's birthday on the 21st of october and i need to get her a present, so that was my aim for today. gave up on the idea of getting trousers, i have got just enough to get by. but i set out to buy my sister the wallace and gromit dvd (curse of the wear-rabbit), and a card and maybe a necklace or something. i also need headphones, cause the ones i've got are rubbish. i've now got pink's new album, two new pairs of trousers (wouldn't you know it!), two new tops,... oh yes and a card for my sister. no presents... man i suck at shopping!!! i did try to find the dvd, but the shop didn't have it, i looked for ages (that's how i ended up with the cd, i couldn't bear to leave with nothing..) and i also looked round for some clothes for her, but that was just as bad, i couldn't find any clothes for 14 year olds (she'll be 12 but she's very tall)

but thank goodness for the internet. i've ordered the dvd, it should be here by friday (and it was cheaper than it would have been in the shops). i should probably just shop online from now on. but it's just so much fun to go shopping ;-)

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Blogger Fantastical Monkey said...

You should try www.play.com for DVDs. It's cheaper then other sites if your only buying one or two things, as there is no postage charge. :-)    

Blogger I am NOT SWISS!!! said...

yeah, thanks, that's what i did :-)    

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