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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

electric guitars on eBay

somehow, marion (my aunt) has managed to more or less convince me to get an electric guitar. enough at least for me to have set up an ebay account and now have 13 different fenders and copies of fenders in my My eBay thingy. i have thought it would be cool* to learn to play electric guitar. and i guess if i've spent my hard-earned money on it i'll feel i have to put some effort into it ;-) instead of just letting it stand around in a corner.

but this eBay stuff is scary. it's good that none of the guitars are up now, cause i can see myself getting quite worked up over the whole thing. the first one comes up tomorrow at two p.m. i'm at work then, so it might be best to forget about that one ;-) i do enough embarassing squeaking at work as it is without extra squeaks as the price of a guitar goes up... plus i'd have to get an amp to go with it. the one after that has an amp with it, and a load of music. but it doesn't look quite as nice, and i'm not sure it's a real fender. the advantage is that it's up at 6.45p.m, by which time i can be home where squeaking blends in with all the other noise.
another disadvantage of the first one is that it's red like my brother's base, so it would just look like a short necked copy of that. i do like the long necks bases have, wish you could get a normal electric guitar like that ;-)

i'm not sure though, the thought of all that excitement freaks me out, maybe i should just forget about the whole thing. but it would be very cool* to have an electric guitar. i'm just too nervous. note to self: never ever go to a live auction!

* when i say cool, i mean fun

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