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Thursday, November 16, 2006

better :-)

alpha was great last night. felt quite a lot better, the food was scrumptious and i didn't even come close to falling asleep even without the red bull, which i took back in t work this morning. maybe it was just sg...

i really liked the talk, it was on 'how do i pray' or something like that. and the discussion was very good too. alpha's great :-) i hadn't realised it was the last of the official 6 alphas (the church here split it up, so people only sign up for 6 of them to start with and then if they want there are the extra three afterwards). so when they handed out questionaires i declared that they shouldn't be handing them out till the last alpha evening... clever vicky! at being told that it was in fact the last of the first lot i went 'really? is it? is it? is it? is it?...' for ages till i gave up hope that anyone was going to bother to answer the group's moron. sometimes i can be extra specially odd ;-)

i think everyone in our group is planning to come back for the next three and the alpha away day which is the saturday after next. cool. i like our group :-)

i'm too tired to write my usual overly long post about every little thing that happened to me today. it is midnight (precisely according to marion's pc). so i will try to stick to the highlights.

finished documenting my work on the division pipeline. my next job is to analyse the power consumption of tc2.5 :-( i really dislike anything to do with power. i tend to be bad at it. paul n keeps saying (quite gleefully i think) 'it'll be a challenge' and 'you'll learn from this'. mike d told me (tongue in cheek) 'it's easy :-D' to which i just had to answer 'i'm not that gullible!!!'

but they're right, finally a real challenge, something i have to learn new skills for ;-) and so far i'm not working with sg, hurray!! *does a little happy dance*

volleyball was fun but very embarassing. we just played, cause the guys had a match so we didn't have much time, and we needed to practice the positions (probably completely the wrong word...) for the match a week on sunday. i was constantly in the wrong place, cause they do it diffferently from what i'm used to... ah well. i could have played worse ;-)

afterwards the guys won their match 3:0, although after the first set they played quite crappily. luckily for them their oponents played even crappierly (haha, new word).

pub after that, then home, now bed, just after i try to compile a small list of the volleyball vocab i've made them explain to me
  • strike: schla

  • do 3s and 4s (i think): iischla [it's hitting through 4 and it's ussen iischla]

  • 2s (something about 2s): churzi (bim iischla) [hitting through 2, mitti iischla...]

  • take!: hilf (vom passeur)

  • front court: vorne

  • back court: hinne

that's all i can remember right now. the rules are slightly different: you're not allowed to reach under the net even if you don't touch anything/anyone. they don't bother about 'carrying' i think it was (füere in swiss german) [it's lifting]. and cause their refs aren't always very good (according to one player, can't remember her name, there are too many of them) they often don't see the doubles either. i have to take care not to get any bad habits or i'll be in trouble when i get back. i'll definitely suck even more at refereeing no matter what i do now... ah well

now it really is time to turn off the computer! good night!

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