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Thursday, October 05, 2006

huh, i've got an electric guitar...

umm, i'm a bit shaky, haven't fully realised it yet, but i did just buy an electric guitar on ebay. haven't paid for it yet, as the seller only wants a bank draft or a postal order. i guess that means i'm going to the post office tomorrow ;-) i really hope this guy doesn't back out just because i haven't got any points yet. only set up the account on tuesday... sent him a email to reassure him that i'm not just having a laugh, i really do want the guitar. probably thinks i'm mental. oh well, as long as he sends me the guitar :-)

so here's a picture of my new guitar:

isn't it beautiful? it's an ibanez sa120 (i think) and it sounds great (i mean from what i can find on the internet, it looks like it's a great guitar). of course i've got absolutely no clue about guitars...

i'm so excited! now i just need an amp ;-)

must go to bed, got work in the morning. hope i can sleep what with all the excitement :-)

oh dear, now i have to learn to play the guitar ;-)

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