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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

hurray for dublin!!! - take two

so anyway, we went round the christ church cathedral. was fun. after that we wandered onwards toward the guiness factory. the tour busses were going past quite regularly so we were able to follow them in the right direction (they go in a circle, so there aren't any going in the other direction. good thing or we'd probably have been in trouble...)

took a while but we did find st. james' gate without going wrong again. queued for at least half an hour to get in, but then we spent two and a half hours or so wandering round it so that was ok. at the end you get a pint of guinness. by this time it was three in the afternoon and we hadn't eaten since breakfast. the pint was quite horrible and i was starving :-( it took me absolutely ages to finish it. the bar was right at the top of the building and had a panoramic view of the city. so we took some panorama pictures on our phones. stuart's turned out quite well, but of course i'm to thick for that and took the segments in the wrong order so the picture looks... odd is the best word, i guess ;-)

the others took a long time to arrive and when they did finally get there dia and paul were completely knackered. so we said we'd meet in our room (it was huge, three beds, one was a double) in half an hour. tino and pawel arrived, but dia and paul were late and when they did arrive they turned up carrying cups of tea. pawel was very cross: it seems tino was in a hurry to get out to dinner and wouldn't allow him to have any tea... awww. we ushered dia and paul back upstairs to get dressed and offered pawel tea, but he refused. he'd somehow missed the window of tea time or something ;-)

had dinner at a pizza place that only had tables for two or four, so tino and pawel ended up having a romantic dinner together ;-)
having wine with dinner was my first big mistake...

here are the pics i took after dinner:

i'd rather not talk about the night, i had fun, but i got completely drunk. i blame that on the wine, on a pint of brain blasta beer (7%!!!) and the fact that i dropped my earring, pawel put it in his ear (there's a picture...) and then dia said i couldn't put it in mine without disinfecting it with alcohol. so i dropped it in my brand new pint (and was surprised when it sank straight to the bottom instead of floating down gently (this wass already after the wine and the brain blasta) so to get it back out i drank the pint rather faster than is sensible (didn't hear dia's suggestion that i pour the beer into a different glass...)

stuart took a lot of pictures of me on the way home (i was plastered, totally legless) and he put them all online. his wonderful office mates serrie and darren have been showing them to everyone. so i got to work this morning and there was some guy i'd never seen before standing outside smoking. he says to me 'i know you, you're on the internet'. i'm confused what??? so he says 'there are pictures of you on the internet'... oh no!!! even this random guy has seen the picture of me face down on the pavement? eeek!

but everyone was impressed with the story of how i beat paul at arm wrestling three times before he managed to get me once after i'd beaten stuart once as well, then been beaten by stuart and tino had almost broken my wrist. but it makes paul feel better that he did beat me in the end... :-) serrie's taking great joy in pointing out to him that he was beaten three times by a girl..
all this was sometime after the brain busta, cause i don't arm wrestle unless i'm drunk. when i'm sober i know better than to challenge fragile male egos... (although i really expected to lose to paul, and instead stuart was a lot harder to beat than you would guess from looking at him...)

here are the pics i took at the pub, some of them are quite blurred but i'll put them on anyway.

this is tino

a blurry weird picture of stuart

this one could be stuart or paul, it's a little bit difficult to tell...

cute one of dia and paul

stuart and tino playing with phones/cameras

paul taking a picture

dia and stuart looking at some picture on the camera, looks like it's funny

well that's it for tonight. i'll try to post the rest tomorrow when i'm babysitting.

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vicky, dank dir hani jz au so än supydupy blog! yeah...wiiterhin viel schpass.

ps sodass dochno öpis schwiiizerisch's uf dinärä siiitä häsch! ;o)

dis volley-gschpöndli vom rebhügel    

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