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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

it's arrived it's arrived!!!

my guitar's here my guitar's here!!! hurray! wahoo! yippee!!! yeay!!!
this morning at ten past seven the door bell rang, very surprising, and my guitar appeared!!! that's the weirdest thing, the postman coming at 7.10 am. don't think they do that in switzerland ;-)

anyway, sometime in i got a text from marion saying the amp'd arrived too :-D yeay! wahoo! yeay! yeay!!! turns out now i really need a book, cause there's not much can do on my own (i can do the dum-dum-dumm dum-dum-dum-dummm dum-dum-dumm dum-dummm from smoke on the water, although i'm not very fast, maybe i should just practise that in some random key... hmm). i can polish it, cause you can see where the bubble wrap was, but dave says it's not an ornament, the next step is not polishing it but learning to play it....

it was really well wrapped, took me about ten minutes to rip my way in. caleb waited patiently to see what it was and then scuttled off to get joshy's plastic version :-). we've all had a bit of a play with it now (good thing i didn't listen to my friend pij, or i'd have a guitar and an amp but no way to connnect them, he said there'd definitely be a cable with the guitar cause it's new...), the boys were fiddling with the nobs on the amp making cool effects, caleb whacking at the guitar trying to strum (i started hopping about at that point going 'ooh ooh he's hitting it he's hitting it' cause david had it, not me) but now i've packed it away in the bag and hidden it safely in my room... :-)

went for a stroll with stuart at lunch time. was great fun, we just randomly followed these yellow signs to see where they went. after about 25 minutes we turned back but we didn't want to go back the same way (that'd be boring) so it ended up taking us 45 minutes to get back... stuart took some pictures of the house we discovered the trail of yellow signs lead to, the dead ends we ended up in and the moment we found our way back to a yellow sign. i'm sure he'll stick them on his blog, he blogs everything even his new clothes ;-), and then i'll put in a link to them*

of course serrie (one of stuart's supervisors) didn't believe we'd been for a 70 minute walk. her take on it was that we'd been just round the corner, had some 'fun' and then just said we'd been for a walk... she managed to incorporate the fact that stuart managed to brush his arm through some nettles just as we got back to infineon into her theory: the nettles are at ground level... lol... i just love working down my end, no-one goes on at me like that and when dia comes, we just laugh about the stick stuart's getting :-)

so we're off to the alpha supper this evening. i've wanted to do alpha for a while now, should be interesting and fun... will probably post again later or tomorrow

* so here it is: stuart's take on the walk
i have to admit the getting lost was my fault, but i still blame stuart cause he said getting back was my responsibility and i couldn't be worse than him :-) serves him right, that'll teach him :-D


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Blogger mirjam-online said...

hey cool iz hesch din ersehnti gitarre! bi gspannt wie das usechunnt, hoffetlich hautet di begeisterig a.. ;-)
liebi grüessli usem schwizli


Blogger Fantastical Monkey said...

Ooh look! I have blogged (with photos)!    

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