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Thursday, October 05, 2006

not good with eBay

excitable people such as myself should avoid buying stuff on ebay. i had a most horrendous day. didn't bid on anything, just sat there getting more and more freaked out about the whole thing. was meant to be working, but my brain wouldn't work properly, too busy trying to find a way to deal with ebay. the only solution it could come up with was to just ignore the whole thing, pretend it wasn't there...
because i just minimised the browser window, every now and then i'd accidentally click on it and end up back on ebay. at one point i got as far as actually getting my card out and typing the information in, going for the 'buy now' option. can't remember why i stopped...

so stuart suggested a guitar shop in the centre that's supposed to be good, rikkaxe or something. googled it and it sounds good, just a shame it hasn't got a website. am still looking on ebay, but there's nothing due for another day or so, hopefully i can forget about it at work tomorrow.

went to see pirates of the carribean 2 tonight, finally. meant to go ages ago in switzerland, but didn't have any time cause i had so much to do before coming here. i wasn't sure it would work out, since i was going with marion. she's late to pretty much everthing. certainly to the cinema. so i wasn't really surprised when she got home at 7.40, the film was meant to start at 7.50. we got in line for tickets at 7.50, got the front of the queue at 8.05... i was surprised when we not only got tickets to pirates, but also got in before the film started. missed the trailers which i love watching (how else are you going to know wat film you want to see next), but i knew all along there was no way marion was going to get to the cinema in time to watch the trailers

loved the film, mostly. elizabeth and jack sparrow is not a pretty twist, and the end is just nasty. i would have gone to see the next one anyway, there was no need to do that to me!
very funny film though. got to get it on dvd

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