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Saturday, December 16, 2006

volleyball christmas!!! :-))

christmas dos in the uk are sooooo much fun :-D can't put my finger on what's different to the ones in switzerland, but there is one. maybe it's that they're in english ;-) ah well

we went to the thai palace on park row. we'd all had to order our meals ages in advance, so everyone had forgotten what they were having. it was hilarious, the suspense was killing us all, 'what on earth could i have ordered???'. i had jungle curry in another attempt to get my ears to blow steam. but they didn't :-( the vindaloo almost managed it on wednesday. it has been an asian week, wednesday indian, thursday chinese and today (or rather friday) thai. yummy.

the entertainment was beyond hilarious. this horribly cheesy looking guy was stood a meter from our table singing all night. it was good fun, i bounced along to it all through dinner. the cheesy (or as harvey put it 'bland') songs sounded alright, but any rock or other stuff just sounded... well, cheesy/bland as well... like the killers' somebody told me or green day's american idiot. then there was magnus' backstreet kid (or something) which he did so horribly that the song was pretty much finished before i realised that i did actually know it... ah well.

around midnight we went off to morf's (not sure how it's spelt). am now quite deaf but that's fine, it was good fun. stayed there dancing until almost half past two. i was feeling slightly too casually dressed as i was the only one of us not in heels (apart from chris of course), but in the end i'm really glad i wore trainers and not my boots cause i decided to walk home. couldn't be bothered to try and fight people for a taxi as i was absolutely sure of the way home. the guys from volleyball don't know about my blog so they wouldn't know that saying to me 'go that way and you'll get to whiteladies where you can grab a taxi' is not necessarily the best idea if you really want me to turn up in one piece for the match on sunday. but i wasn't drunk and i'd really have to be pissed out of my head to get lost walking home from the triangle cause it's just 'follow the road all the way home'... it took me an hour and five minutes but i lost at least five minutes on the downs dodging drunks. so really it should have been an hour or less ;-)

was walking home past the church when a police car drove past me and stopped. how embarrassing.
'you alright?'
'yes, fine, thank you'
'have you got far to go?'
'no,no, it's just down there and then that way' not actually lying, just leaving out most of the rest of the way home. it's my 'i'm fine, i'm fine' reaction (true in this case), the one that caused the mad dashes in dublin (people trying to carry me home, me thinking i'm fine, i'me fine, but they wouldn't let me walk alone, the only way to be independent (*g*) was to collapse and then make a run for it while the others were having a rest from carrying me)
but anyway, the policeman told me to take care and drove off, much to my relief :-)

and now i'm home and blogging. there we go then, lovely evening, great fun. hurrah!!!

oh dear, in less than 8 hours i'm meeting my aunt debbie at cribb's. bed might be a good idea then. (this is me trying to convince myself). ooh, just fell asleep staring at the screen. that's quite a convincing argument...

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Blogger mirjam-online said...

hey vicky!
cool du schinsch o immer no e lot of fun z ha in england. mir geits o immer no tiptop obwou mir hei a lot of work hie.. aber d ferie in miami si tatsaechlich hammer gsi, wie du ja ade foeteli a gseh hesch..ha no meh chli crazy foeteli, eines tages chani se dir de zeige..
wuensche dir e gueti zyt no, machs guet! kisss mirjam    

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