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Monday, November 27, 2006

why my posts tend to be a little bit long...

i think i know why my posts are so long and rambling: i usually talk a lot. my friends in switzerland are probably quite glad i'm gone, cause it gives them the chance to a) actually listen to lectures (if they feel so inclined) and b) have lunch in peace without me talking at them pretty much constantly. but it leaves me full of all this inconsequential chatter that's got nowhere to go but my blog, cause i can unload some of it onto marion and dave, but it wouldn't be fair to dump it all on them... i usually do try to spread it around a bit ;-) and on the blog anyone can choose to read it or not, so it's not like i'm imposing on anyone...

anyway, i miss my friends :-( here i haven't got anyone i could just randomly phone and say 'you up for going out tonight?'. feeling a bit sorry for myself, sorry. it's just that sitting at work all day hardly chatting at all is really getting me down. ah well, i'm sure i'll get over it. and if not, i'll have my friends back in three months. unless they randomly go off somewhere...

i'm just so used to telling someone the moment something pops into my head. lectures are great that way ;-) i always thought i was quite a solitary person, that i loved being alone. what a shock. the only time i spend in my room now is sleeping and being hung over (which is pretty much the same as sleeping).

just realised: i'd probably be in a much better mood if we didn't have nora jones on. wonder if marion'll mind if i change the cd :-)
[edit: marion felt the same way, but when i got the cd out it turned out it was katie melua(h?)]


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Anonymous Patrice said...

Nice bloggy Vic-pants.

Can you tell Serrie that I'm not swiss either. A great-great-grandmother from Neuchatel is hardly a reason to start yodelling.    

Blogger serrie said...

Patrice - you are sooo swiss - its practically yodelling out of your ears. Besides being swiss kindof 'explains you' in someway. If you weren't swiss there'd be no explanation at all for you ...
any idea if Sreeni reads this blog ...? (I think Vicky has a secret crush on the boy ;o)    

Anonymous roswitha said...

gugus folks,
i'm definitely swiss and i love to be one. however, the expression "its practically yodelling out of your ears" is just great. i have to remember it....
cheers und uf wiederluägä, aight!

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