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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

still bouncing away...

feel a tiny bit stupid, sitting here on my own, jiggling about happily in my chair. but i guess i'd feel even more so if there were actually someone here to see it ;-)

i can't believe i'm allowed to drive a car on my own!

had to take a break there to do some extra bouncing :-) i'm probably going to end up with a headache from all this jerking my head from side to side... (i did mention i felt stupid doing it. i dunno, for some reason i just can't stop)

i passed i passed i passed!!!!!!!

so anyway, i did very well. i was convincingly confident. thank goodness the steering wheel's solid, i was clinging to it for dear life! and thank God i can pray without moving my lips ;-) was pretty much praying constantly. am very grateful to God for calming my nerves enough to stop my legs shaking or it would have been a very jerky ride...

and i didn't drive too fast (not for very long anyway, the expert never noticed and there weren't any cameras about).
i managed to drive backwards for about 20 meters and then go round a corner. for once i did it smoothly and without taking a quarter of an hour over it, thank goodness we practised that one last time before the exam :-) the first time we did it, irene told me i had to make sure i didn't drive too fast going backwards. she quickly realised that was the wrong thing to tell me, every time i drove backwards she'd pretty much fallen asleep by the end of it ;-) i've just realised! that was why it always made me go cross-eyed, no wonder! staring hard at a the corner of the break-lights, making sure they were always the same distance from the curb for all that time, and round a corner too! not surprising i couldn't see straight afterwards!!! but this last time it was fine, cause i wanted to do it properly and got on with it, so it was over before my eyes knew what had hit them ;-)

so anyway, the whole thing went great, i even managed to park on my own (something i was quite worried about, never having done it without instruction before).

there was one small blemish on the perfection of my wonderful exam (ooh, i survived the killer motorway sliproad too *g*) we got to the parking space at the Verkehrsamt (traffic department?) and the expert says 'right, secure the vehicle' (turn the car off and make sure it doesn't role away) and i take my foot off the clutch... the embarrassment!!! i said something about it not being the most elegant way to end and he laughed and agreed. then he asked me whether i thought i'd failed for that. can you imagine?! i'd have... i... i... my imagination fails me...
anyway, i'd turned the car off properly when i parked, so he'd seen that i can do it.

so i passed :-D
but what a way to end!!! *smacks forehead repeatedly* damn, i'm special!

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