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Saturday, September 30, 2006

awful film

the matador - what an awful film. it's not funny, it's horrible. it could be absolutely hilarious, the kind of film i love, but somehow it's just not. i think it's pierce brosnan. he's just horrible as julien. i was so looking forward to watching a fun film :-(
the snow kind of made me miss switzerland. i don't think i can deal with not going skiing or snowboarding this winter, i guess i'll have to go back for that after all...

Drinking in Dublin

I'm off to Dublin in October with some guys from work. A bit worried that I won't be able to keep up on the drinking front. In fact there's no way I'll be able to keep up: I've never got drunk two nights in a row, never mind spent a whole weekend from Friday night to Monday (!) doing nothing much other than drinking... I'm gonna die!!! Oh well, it's a fun way to go :-)

The funniest thing is that there's only the two of us going on Friday night, the rest aren't coming till Saturday, there was a bit of a mixup... and Stuart's getting loads of stick from his guys about the two of us going off to Dublin together :-))

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the title of my blog

I get a lot of stick for my accent, which I will admit is a little weird. It's a mixture of a lot of different British people's accents plus some added weirdness from watching too many American films... So most people can't place it (although some people claim to hear some Welshness, which pleases me no end, I am Welsh!). The problem is that I grew up in Switzerland, so everyone seizes on that to explain my accent (it is the reason for it, but my accent is NOT SWISS!!!), however I do not sound anything like a Swiss person when I'm speaking English (I do when I'm speaking German), and it's very insulting to be told I've got a Swiss accent because honestly, most Swiss people absolutely massacre English! They're worse than Americans :-)

So anyway, I DO NOT SOUND SWISS UNLESS I AM TALKING GERMAN!!!! [or French (but that's ok, French with an English accent is horrible) and possibly Spanish]