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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

life group

hurray, i've found a church group to join! on saturday we had a barbeque by the lake for all the twenty to thirty year olds (christine wanted to know how old tim is, cause he's still frantically trying to deny being twenty. poor tim, his girlfriend's nearly sixteen *g*)

so anyway, i finally managed to ask how one goes about joining a 'life group' (small group of people who meet once a week or every two weeks to talk about their lives and discuss things and stuff). i went along to one of the groups they suggested last night, and i was welcomed with open arms, they were really lovely! so i've joined them. as usual the whole experience was a lot easier than i dared hope, i'm such a wimp!

got my first proper driving lesson (with a proper instructor and all!!! *g*) tomorrow! really looking forward to it. and of course i'm also dreading it... ah well ;-)

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

passed mtu!

i got two 4s! imagine that ;-)

so according to my very complicated calculations that means i get a 4.5 in environmental crap: i got one 5 and three 4s. the worst 4 is cancelled *g* which leaves me with an average of 13/4 which is something like 4.6666 or so (can't be bothered to get out the calculator or work it out for sure) which will be rounded to the nearest... hmm, it's the nearest quarter... so maybe they'll round it up to 4.75... that'd be funny given that i went to two of the fourteen lectures :-)

[11/10/07: maybe i should have got the calculator out. *pats self on head* i got a 4.25, because the average is 4.3333 (=13/3) wtf was i calculating?]

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

second environmental crap exam

honestly, if i needed more than a 2.25 to pass i'd be worried ;-)

hurray!!! i never have to take an MTU exam again!!!

*does a little happy dance*


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

beating myself up over nothing

i had to work at mcdonalds till 1am this morning. cause the trains only run till midnight on weekdays, i took the bike. i'd finished work and was heading back to the bike when i felt an itch in my chin. of course i scratched it. fine, no problem, except that i'd forgotten that i had the bike helmet in my hand... *WHACK*...

my jaw really hurts now :-(

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Friday, June 08, 2007

the others must have been even worse than me...

remember that stupid environmental sciences exam? and how well it went, what with my answers making lots and lots of sense... well, it seems most of the others failed it miserably. can't see how they can have, looking at the bs i got given points for! i was desperately hoping for at least one 3* if not two. but ths is great! i got a 4 and a 5!!! incredible!!! so now i need one 2.25 and the other can be a 1 as far as passing the course goes :-)

thing is, i don't need to actually pass this course, i have to pass a block of two courses on average. since i've got a 4.25 in the other one i only need a 3.75 in this one. i get 4 grades in this course of which the worst is thrown out :-) so i'm not going to fail MTU after all! hurray!!!

* swiss german grade scale:

1    you probably didn't even turn up for the exam, or you were caught cheating (no, i've never had a 1! had a 1.7 in a biology exam once though)

2    you're really really useless, don't know much more than your name (have had quite a few of those, none so far at uni though)

3    you're crap, but it could be worse (tend to get these in the subjects i've studied hardest for :-S )

4    pass!!! you're still not very good though

5    good work! but it could be better

6    the meaning of this grade varies. it can mean 'perfect, full points'. however it can also mean 'the others were so utterly crap that even though usually you'd just scrape a four i'm going to have to give you a six or half the class'll get negative grades'...