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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i hate translating!

i'm trying to translate my dad's text about the region around their appartment in klosters for the german holiday homes website cause my mum has suddenly decided it's a priority (after about a year of not worrying much about it) now that i'm stressed silly by my final year project. just gotta love the timing...

i hate translating anyway, it's horrible, sometimes i wish i only spoke one language, then everyone else would just have to translate for me if they cared enough and i'd be happy either way ;-) but my dad seems to think he's a frustrated literary genius, you wouldn't believe the stuff he comes up with. and it just makes translating soooo much more of a nightmare!

anyway, i'm looking for some online machine to give me german antonyms (opposite of synonym *g*) for some words where i can't find anything that won't make the translation of dad's oh-so-beautiful prose sound even more ridiculous, only some word that means the opposite. after searching for ages for some 'gegenteil-wörterbuch' i stumble across the word synonym, which jogs my memory and i start looking for an 'antonym-wörterbuch'. a hit! hurray!
   Antonymwörterbuch {n}
              dictionary of antonyms


@14:37: crap! i was certain i had it now! it said 'Wörterbuch der Gegenwörter' so i was going 'yes! that's exactly what i'm looking for!'
   Wörterbuch der Gegenwörter (n.)

google's just having me on!!! i guess i might as well give up now. especially since i've forgotten what word it was that i wanted the antonym of... :-(

@15:27: arrrrggghhhh!!! i thought i was almost done, only 10 more lines. and then i read the next sentence. it's getting worse!!! listen to this:
'If you want something a bit more special, you can take the train through the tunnel and over the world famous, and simply stunning, Bernina Pass line down to Tirano in northern Italy...and of course, being Switzerland there are plenty of trains so you won't have a problem getting back again on the same day.'
it just makes me want to lie down and wail! why am i having to translate this tripe?! :-((

@15:38: i think the rest of the people in the room are beginning to get a bit worried. every so often i start (silently) growling and swearing at the screen, hitting my forehead and trying to pull my hair out in frustration. so far i've got 'Für einen ganz speziellen Ausflug' as translation of 'If you want something a bit more special'. crap, damn, buggrit, fuck, fuck, fuuuck!!!
so much for swearing less.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Vicky,
i just felt like giving you a translation for your sentence. So what's about the following:
"Für einen ganz speziellen Ausflug, können Sie den Zug durch den Tunnel nehmen und über den Weltberühmten und einfach atemberaubenden Bernina Pass fahren - hinunter nacht Tirano in Norditalien. Um den Rückweg müssen Sie sich auch keine Sorgen machen, denn da wir ja in der Schweiz sind gibt es selbstverständlich auch genug Züge um am selben Tag wieder zurück zufahren."

I hope, I helped you.

Blogger Vickster said...

cecile, you're a star! thank you thank you, thank you!!! :-)    

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