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Sunday, September 30, 2007

nobody ever tells me anything important!!!!!!!!!!

do i belong to this family or what?! i don't get told anything except when i'm supposed to pick up the kids (and even then they fail to mention where i'm picking them up from!)!

important family stuff? nope, lets tell WHISKERS, BUT NOT VICKY!!!
(tim sitting next to me says 'whiskers is more important...')

if someone died they'd go off to the &*%@! funeral and i'd find out a year later!!! (tim says three weeks later or so, thank you tim)


and marion wonders why i have a thing about not being told things. it's because i'm never told!!!


Monday, September 24, 2007

starting my master thesis

it seems my simpsons character has run away :( how annoying!

had my first meeting with hubert, the guy in charge of my master thesis (sorry, if i call it a dissertation swiss people think i'm having delusions of grandeur). he's given me my written mission statement (help it's a lot more difficult and just generally a lot more than i was expecting) and a ton of books for me to read. but not to worry, if i call in again on wednesday or thursday, he'll have two more books for me to read as well ;-)

at least i get to take christmas off: we're just going to pretend i started a week later. instead i only finish a week before the notenkonferenz (the meeting where the professors accept the final grades or reject them) which might not be in time for the professor to read it (though i'm not a hundred percent sure he does read it, i suspect it might just be hubert and norbert) so i might end up being finished in april, but not actually getting my degree until next october :( ah well, worse things happen at sea


Thursday, September 20, 2007

exams over and done with!!!

hurrayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no more exams at uni!!!!
ok, if i've failed i have to retake the last 7 of them, but i don't think i've failed since i only have to pass on average and all the grade i already know are above pass and out of the three i don't know i think only one went badly. really badly in fact, but as long as i actually did pass the other two i can afford to get a 1.25 so really there's absolutely nothing to worry about. of course i'm worried anyway ;-) hope i find out quickly. just checked: crap, the conference isn't until the 5th of october :-( buggrit.

well anyway, it's definitely something of a miracle i did so well (passing is doing well!) given that i studied for an average of a day and a half before each of the 5 exams, had the lecture a year ago (except compiler design, the one i did really badly in) and never paid attetion in the lectures (if i bothered to go)... before the last exam (yesterday) i didn't even start studying until 3 o'clock the afternoon before and then i went off to practice driving for two hours in the evening...

and the fact that i've found a great new link for online puzzles says a lot about my behaviour during stressful times... www.hitoriconquest.com
oh yes, and i'm up to 92 tangerines

had a driving lesson today. went on the motorway for the first time. scary!!! it's terrifying having to go that fast, just so that you can get on *shudders* but we (my instructor and i) survived :-)

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

games games games

i'm completely hooked on facebook! and now it's showing me even more ways of wasting my time:
flying hamsters and tangerines
oh dear...

so far my top score is 46 tangerines...
and the hamster thing isn't working anyway, cause i'm not managing to hit the hamsters and they just go thud without flying anywhere at all cause my browser hasn't got the right flash player or something? maybe if i try it with opera...


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

i *heart* pearls before swine

i love this sunday's comic :-D

the hyenas are a cleverer version of the crocs :) (ok, and they don't want to eat 'zeeba') but the crocs are really cute :-D so pathetically useless at being cunning :-D

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