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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

3 hours wrapping 4 presents!

i blame my friend pij! he seems to be a bit obsessive about wrapping every present uniquely superbly. sorry pij, but that's how it seems to me ;-). we've been chatting about this for quite a while now both online and face-to-face. in fact pij sent me a picture of his complete works of art cause i was so curious about the whole thing. hmm, i wonder if he'd let me post it. dörf i, pij? they look incredible. absolutely stunning.

problem is, now i start wrapping presents (not bad, i did it christmas eve this year, instead of waiting till tomorrow *g*) and feel like i've got to prove something. ok, so my presents are quite crap and now i feel a lot better about them, having spent almost an hour each on wrapping them. an hour per present?! that's just sick! it gets torn off in such a rush, what an awful waste of time! aww crap.

see, this present wrapping stuff confuses me.

i always took care to make them look nice and none ever looked the same. but this time i was freaky about it. the worst thing was, i did the first two and then tim comes along, looks at them and says 'they don't look christmassy. oh, they're nice, but not christmassy'... so i decided to cut out silver/grey stars and stick them on the blue paper to make it christmassy. except it turns out that my pad of coloured paper with 10 different colours doesn't have grey... guess what vicky does (at midnight, don't forget): she hunts up a pristine piece of white paper and colours it silver with a silver pencil... no wonder it took me ages...

if nobody notices how nicely i've wrapped the presents i'm gonna throttle pij! nothing personal of course, gäll du ;-)

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Monday, December 24, 2007

merry christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


i've found another random online platform to waste my time on. it's beginning to get out of hand... doing loads of random other things is my procrastination mode of choice and the internet is just so handy for it! yesterday i spent ages looking for a job, but not actually bothering to do anything about it when i actually found interesting offers... i can be such a moron. no wonder my projects not getting anywhere. well, the fact that i seem to be too stupid to understand the simplest way of dividing properly is also a factor. hown on earth did i make it through highschool, let alone the ETH?!

anyway, today it's technorati. i found it when i was checking out what has become one of my favourite online time-wasting sites: the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks. it's just made it into technorati's top 1000 ranked blogs. i followed the link and couldn't resist having a look whether i could find this blog. i could :-) my rank's not particularly impressive (what a surprise!) at 4,446,976th... i wish i weren't so competitive. the moment i see a number, i have to know how everyone else is doing, how many there are below me, how many above. now here it's obvious, 4,446,975 blogs are better than mine. fair enough, it's a crappy little personal blog. but how many are ranked lower?! that's what i want to know! don't ask me why, it's just some flaw in my personality somewhere.

so now i've signed up to technorati and am trying to claim my blog. and this is what this post is all about (well apart from wasting more time inwhich i don't have to agonise about why my divider still isn't dividing): i have to post the following link to my technorati profile for some kind of verification. and now i can go play around on technorati. hurrah!

that's all for now :-)

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

it's a miracle!!!

my ipod's not down the drain!!! some wonderful person found it and actually handed it in! it's incredible! and it still works!!! just one or two new scratches! i'm over the moon :-D

Saturday, December 08, 2007

my ipod's down the drain :-(

buggrit. i know exactly when and where i lost it: i was running to catch the train and just ignored whatever it was that fell out of my pocket ('i haven't got anything important in my pockets' i thought) and carried on. as soon as the train started moving, i realised that the pocket the iPod had been in was alarmingly empty... went straight back, but couldn't find it anywhere =-( i'll have to go to the police on monday (it seems the police run the lost-and-found), but the terrible thing is there's a drain exactly where i dropped the iPod, so odds are it's drowned =-(

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

still bouncing away...

feel a tiny bit stupid, sitting here on my own, jiggling about happily in my chair. but i guess i'd feel even more so if there were actually someone here to see it ;-)

i can't believe i'm allowed to drive a car on my own!

had to take a break there to do some extra bouncing :-) i'm probably going to end up with a headache from all this jerking my head from side to side... (i did mention i felt stupid doing it. i dunno, for some reason i just can't stop)

i passed i passed i passed!!!!!!!

so anyway, i did very well. i was convincingly confident. thank goodness the steering wheel's solid, i was clinging to it for dear life! and thank God i can pray without moving my lips ;-) was pretty much praying constantly. am very grateful to God for calming my nerves enough to stop my legs shaking or it would have been a very jerky ride...

and i didn't drive too fast (not for very long anyway, the expert never noticed and there weren't any cameras about).
i managed to drive backwards for about 20 meters and then go round a corner. for once i did it smoothly and without taking a quarter of an hour over it, thank goodness we practised that one last time before the exam :-) the first time we did it, irene told me i had to make sure i didn't drive too fast going backwards. she quickly realised that was the wrong thing to tell me, every time i drove backwards she'd pretty much fallen asleep by the end of it ;-) i've just realised! that was why it always made me go cross-eyed, no wonder! staring hard at a the corner of the break-lights, making sure they were always the same distance from the curb for all that time, and round a corner too! not surprising i couldn't see straight afterwards!!! but this last time it was fine, cause i wanted to do it properly and got on with it, so it was over before my eyes knew what had hit them ;-)

so anyway, the whole thing went great, i even managed to park on my own (something i was quite worried about, never having done it without instruction before).

there was one small blemish on the perfection of my wonderful exam (ooh, i survived the killer motorway sliproad too *g*) we got to the parking space at the Verkehrsamt (traffic department?) and the expert says 'right, secure the vehicle' (turn the car off and make sure it doesn't role away) and i take my foot off the clutch... the embarrassment!!! i said something about it not being the most elegant way to end and he laughed and agreed. then he asked me whether i thought i'd failed for that. can you imagine?! i'd have... i... i... my imagination fails me...
anyway, i'd turned the car off properly when i parked, so he'd seen that i can do it.

so i passed :-D
but what a way to end!!! *smacks forehead repeatedly* damn, i'm special!

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driving exam:

just passed!!! :-D
doing happy dances left right and center!
more later :-)

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Monday, December 03, 2007

this is sooo me!


Saturday, December 01, 2007

my zombie just attacked itself :-S

goodness, my zombie's as special as i am. i just got the facebook message 'You attacked yourself and it hurt! Stop hitting yourself in the face!' how bizarre ;-)

oh, wait, i just realised what happened: i clicked on the fight button in my profile, the one that means 'fight this specific zombie'... oopsy!

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